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I provide professional life coaching to individuals and groups facing challenges navigating one or more aspects of life.  Coaching ranges from relationships, career choices, grief (dealing with loss of loved ones) ,health and wellness, spiritual/religious, loneliness and more.  With 30 years of proven success as a leader, pastor, mentor, chaplain, and corporate America,  I help people become clear and intentional about these critical areas of life using professional coaching techniques, strategic planning, assessments, and tools navigating toward a more fulfilled life. Life coaching is provided in person, via Skype or over the phone (most popular) and can be as little as one hour long session, a customized package, or several sessions to bring about the desired change.

       Available Options:

 Video, Phone, Face to Face

Healthy Living

Healthy Mind

     Healthy Body

          Healthy Spirit

               Healthy Soul

                    Healthy Relationships

Healthy You!

What do life coaches do?

A life coach is almost like a sculptor who can look at you and see the potential for you to achieve all that you desire. Through specific strategies and skills, the coach helps you define yourself and create the life you envision. Coaches help you focus, provide direction, challenge you, support you, motivate you and celebrate with you. Life coaches help you create a plan, detail action steps and hold you accountable for following through. They use skills that include observing, listening deeply, asking empowering questions, challenging and motivating. Coaches do not counsel or analyze the past. Life coaching is based on the principle that the client has the intrinsic ability to determine and achieve their goals. Everything is based on the present and what you want to achieve moving forward.

Group Session/Public speaking

If you are interested in group sessions or public speaking, please let me know your desires.  Group rates are discounted and negotiable based on the number of participants.


The scope of clients encompasses people from all walks of life.  As we know, we all need guidance from time to time. In short, I'm a servant of humanity welcoming all.


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