Gerald Searles is an exceptionally gifted life-coach, with an array of personal and professional experiences uniquely qualifying me to assist.  For over 25 years, serving and guiding has been a constant staple of my life.  As a veteran of the United States military, he served his country.  As a hospice chaplain, he serves families and patients providing end of life peace of mind.  As a corporate chaplain, he served employees helping navigate through real life challenges, circumstances and situations.  As hospital chaplain, he served patients and family facing an array of health challenges.  As a prison chaplain, he served incarcerated men helping find meaning of life behind bars.  As a senior pastor, he served parishioners, constituents, and stakeholders providing spiritual guidance and church leadership.  And now, he awaits the opportunity to serve and help navigate you through your life challenge.

A powerful and fascinating coach, his forte lies in inspiring his clients to live their lives on purpose making positive changes finding inner peace thus living a happier, fulfilled life.


His holistic approach enables people take ownership of their futures thereby, live meaningfully, and soulfully. You will be engaged with a variety of tools while working with them including compassion, attention-to-detail, and thoughtful feedback.

Gerald’s style is unique, invigorating, and result-driven. His attention to detail helps clients to ensure that they have an actionable plan with clear deliverables that align with their vision. At the end of each session, his clients highly appreciate his patience, commitment, diplomacy, personality, and compassion.


Furthermore, he empowers people through transformative and thought-provoking coaching, teaching, and interactive groups to unlock their inner greatness and sail through the storms of life. 

Gerald is engrossed by well-validated coaching principles leveraging education, life experiences, and careers to bring you a life changing experience. For the life-coach, it is his genuine passion to partner with individuals who want to elevate personally and equip themselves with tools to help them navigate difficult challenges. 

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit, Healthy Soul

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